About us

Beepollen.de started about 7 years ago. After being a DJ for many years things were coming to an end. Now contrary to popular belief nightlife is a very strenuous lifestyle, one could say burning the candle at both ends.

Well it all caught up with me, reaching a point of system failure. I ended up in emergency room with heart problems to be precise tachycardia hyper tension blood lipids gout all at once I was not well at all.

Not willing to accept this fate and my GP´s diagnosis of life long medications I embarked on a journey looking for the magic bullet or anything that would get rid of my ailments after trying literally every supplement and snake tonic and spending thousands of hours researching. I came across literature explaining how important proper nutrition and hydration is for human health... It had finally dawned on me, realizing there is no magic bullet or pill for that matter.

My final conclusion was that although my vitality had recently dropped dramatically I had in fact been neglecting my health for a very long time.

Well things had to change if I ever wished to recover. So I started drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day (haven't we all heard that somewhere before) and educating myself about nutrition. There may  indeed be a difference to having a full stomach and being properly nourished.

Along come "superfoods"--hmm I thought, OK off I went once more comparing , spending money on various products until a friend of mine gave me half a jar of  Rock rose beepollen.

 I know now this is the mother of all super foods. Now gram for gram there is hardly a substance on the planet which has so many nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins ,enzymes, phytonutrients .

Right here I want to stop and remind all readers I am not a qualified medical practitioner and this is not meant as medical advice for anyone. I simply arrived to the conclusion that proper nutrition is essential for babies to grow for sportsman to compete, for convalescents to recover and obviously for all wishing to maintain a healthy vital body. This is not a diagnosis, this is just common sense.

So I decided to dig in and go for the long haul. I turned to a naturopathic approach and removed harmful  food additives as much as I could, continued drinking water (thanks to Dr. Batmanghelidj) and started eating Rock rose bee pollen.  I was able to reduce medication and control my hypertension.  I did relapse once or twice but was able to break free of the synthetic medications which really made me feel miserable I remember the times I was taking 7 different medications daily and thinking this cant be it, game over?  I was unable to work or even think straight for that matter. Maybe having a one-year-old son kept me fighting.

 Anyway to cut a long story short I fully recovered, was able to cease all medications and start working again. Yes I was delighted indeed and felt I had to share my discovery with everyone and I guess that's how it all started.

Indeed, we have quite a few testimonials from people who have had remarkable benefits from Rock rose bee pollen. The fact is that Bee pollen is rejuvenating and offers incredible support for the immune system boasts anti viral, anti fungal, anti bacterial properties I could go on forever.

Today Beepollen.de represents 8 conscientious beekeepers dedicated to bringing you the best frozen Rock rose beepollen. Sourced from Dalmatian islands. This plant occurs naturally in the wild it is not cultivated and we take great care using pastures far away from any human activities whatsoever.